Traffic Ticket Requested Information of Me

If you receive ticket a notice in the mail issued to you by a police department or even an out of state camera company what you shouldn’t do is freely give them the information requested of you. Oftentimes these notices are sent out to fish for information like your driver’s license number and to get you to tell on yourself (or someone else) for a red light violation.  These are known as snitch tickets.

A red flag should go up if you were not the driver if you don’t see a due date, a fine amount, and if you don’t see a courthouse listed on the notice. If you’re still unsure, check the notice for the city and county where the violation allegedly occurred (this will be on the front side of the notice listed along with information like the location and violation code). You can then go to the Superior court website for that county and many courts allow you to do an online search for your ticket and fine information. You may be able to search by your driver’s license, last name, or violation number. You could also try calling the court you think the ticket would have been issued in and inquire with a traffic clerk as to whether there is a ticket issued to you in their system, most likely there will not be.

If not then, in that case, the ticket hasn’t been filed or registered with the court yet so it’s not an official ticket. Before you just roll over and comply with the first notice, you may want to wait and see if you ever do get a notice from the court, because you may not. If you don’t fill out the back of the first notice and send it back to the agency requesting the information from you then they won’t have enough to pin the ticket on you and get a real ticket issued to you through the court.

If you’re not sure of how to handle a red light photo ticket notice you received, before you do anything, it’s a good idea to consult with a professional who is well seasoned with dealing with red light camera tickets. Remember, a ticket that hasn’t been filed or registered with the court yet is not an official ticket and may never become one if you don’t help them by tattling on yourself.

Contributed by, helping drivers contest and dismiss their traffic tickets.