Not The Real Driver? Asked To Snitch?

If your red light camera "ticket" does not have the address and phone number of the Superior Court on it, or if it says, "Do not contact the court," it's not really a ticket at all. It is a Snitch Ticket (a.k.a. "Nomination"), generated by the police A real ticket will tell you to contact the court. Snitch Tickets are designed to closely resemble a real ticket. To add to the confusion, real tickets and Snitch Tickets both ask the registered owner to turn-in (or snitch on) the person who was driving the car. Despite all that, there are some differences that you can rely on. One of the best "tells" is the absence of any court information printed on the Snitch Tickets. If you're curious, the official format for a real ticket is on the website of the Judicial Council of California.