Talking on Cell Phone Ticket in California

If You’re Caught on Camera for a Red Light Violation and You Were also on the Phone Can You Get a Ticket for Both?

If you’ve ever found yourself traveling through an intersection or turning at an intersection and being blinded by the flashing lights of the Automated Traffic Enforcement System at the same time as when you were on the phone, you may be worried that you will get a ticket for the cell phone violation as well as the red light violation. Well, the good news is that so far, the vehicle section that authorizes a Notice to Appear to be mailed instead of handed to you by an officer does not include the vehicle code section for cell phone use or texting while driving. So while you should always adhere to safe driving practices, you can rest assured that red light camera enforcement systems are not yet being used to also ticket drivers for cell phone violations. In any event, if an officer sees you on the phone, look out because, with increased fines in California, the base fine (fine before other added court fees) for a cell phone violation used to be $20+ and it is now $80+. See the Cell Phone Ticket Laws in other states.

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