Do Red Light Camera Tickets Come by Regular or Certified Mail?

Most moving violation tickets are issued on the spot by police officers who pull you over.  However, automated enforcement traffic tickets such as red-light camera or speed camera tickets usually come through the regular mail and are sent to the registered owner of the vehicle.  These tickets are not typically sent through certified mail in most cities.

If you happen to get a certified letter from a company posing as a city, police or court you should exercise caution.  Verify the city, police or court and the address on the envelope and make sure its not a false address.  Make sure it corresponds to your local police department or court for ticket processing.

We have been getting some strange emails from potential scam artists who might be posing as ticket agencies illegally. We suspect that they are sending innocent people red light camera tickets and asking for payment.  This scam is very similar to the Property Tax Scam that asks for your payment and comes in an envelope that looks very similar to the Franchise Tax Board.