Haines City Cameras Make $1M in 1st Month

In the first month, Haine City, Florida has ticketed 7,066 drivers for making illegal right-hand turns or running red lights. At $158 the fines total approximately $1.1 million. In the month the red light camera photo enforcement system has been operating, the cameras have taken 20,756 photographs, and of those only 50% have captured violations.

Based on $158, $83 goes to the state while the city receives $75. The city leases the 10 cameras from Arizona-based Automated Traffic Solutions.  Florida's estimated that the red light cameras would bring in $29M in 2011 and nearly $100M in 2012 into state coffers, and would provide about $75M to local governments. Haines City projects the city could receive $5.4 million annually from the citation revenue at the current run rate.