TomTom Red Light Camera Database is Crap

We receive emails everyday from frustrated TomTom users who would like to use our database and yet we can't seem to get any follow through from the company about actually licensing our database. We have met with the TomTom management team over the last few years and like them a lot.  However, it seems that the European office is calling the shots and they seem content building their own database "through their customers".  As long as TomTom's executive and marketing team are satisfied with having a crap database and being behind the curve, that is what their customers will get. TomTom's safety camera database in Europe is notorious for having crappy data because they rely on users who input data on their devices.  Garbage in and garbage out.  

Please retweet and post a comment this post if you would like to see our red light content added to the TomTom platform. I don't think management is going to change their data provider unless consumers protest.

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