Red Light & Speed Cameras POI Database's crowdsourced database is the largest and most complete US database as we raise the awareness of our open platform to share information about red light cameras, right turn cameras, speed cameras, or anything that is enforced using camera automation.  Our locations and fines database has been growing at a rate of 25% per year and last year we added near 2,000 new locations totaling 8000+ total:
  • Red Light Cameras – 6500
  • Speed Cameras – 371
  • Illegal Right Turn Cameras – 119
  • Combination Cameras - 381
  • Both Red Light & Speed Cameras – 354
  • Red Light & Illegal Right Turn Cameras - 19
  • Red Light, Speed & Illegal Right Turn Cameras - 9
Our database has the first-mover advantage having been founded back in 2001. Unfortunately, a number of entrepreneurs & corporations have tried to copy our data and used it to start their own POI data service. Our long term vision is to be the standard brand and source for photo enforced information and locations. Thanks to the community for your continued support!