How to improve your photography skills and get the job of your dream

Photography has witnessed much growth in recent years with the existence of never seen before job opportunities. Your passion can now earn you lots of money-making all your dreams come true. However, the competitiveness that is in the market means a constant improvement to give you an added advantage. The tips below will help you become a seasoned photographer ready for the trending photography careers like:
     Fashion photography for blogs, magazines, and mainstream media
     Forensic photography to help in solving crimes
     Travel and  tour photographer providing tips on destinations
     Destination wedding photography is exciting and lucrative

Learn your camera and use every setting

As a photographer, you should acknowledge the fact that there are things you are yet to learn. You should target to learn at least two settings a day and one more thing about your camera. Would it be nice to move away from the auto mode and be yourself utilizing your style? The only way you can learn how to use a camera is by practical usage. Practice always makes perfect, and the only way to gain experience is by exposing yourself to every aspect of your camera. Make your camera, our best friend, by knowing every part of its functions. Improve photography by trying out every setting you find by the use of the manual and find your niche. Knowing all the features of your camera gives you the confidence to pursue your dream job or photography employment. Remember that you need a good structure, resume, and portfolio while job hunting. You can order quality content from that will guarantee you a job. Nothing can stop you from achieving your goals if you know your way around the camera. The basic things to learn are:
     Settings such as the modes, shutter speed, ISO, aperture, white balance focal length and distance
     How to hold your camera which determines the outcome of the picture
      Care and maintenance of the camera especially the lenses
      How to achieve size, color, background and frames

 Do not Afraid to Experiment with color

Combining your style and preferences with the science of color can make you a skilled photographer. Many careers require artistic use of color, for example, becoming a wedding or a fashion photographer. Color evokes emotions that are why it is vital to know how color makes us feel. Red is associated with energy, excitement, and passion while orange brings out the happiness and warmth in a photo. An excellent photographer knows how to use color to attain certain emotional responses from their audience. Color photography sets you apart, especially when you keep in mind the color wheel.  
     Monochromatic- Pick one color and have fun applying different settings
     Complimentary- use two colors on opposite sides of the wheel
     Split-Complementary- choose a color but  instead of the opposite color use two on either side of it
     Tetradic- use four colors comprising two sets of complementary colors
     Analogous- choose three colors that are next to each other in the color scheme
     Triadic- use three colors that are evenly distributed on the color wheel

Don't Stay at Comfort Zone

Many photographers continue to do the same thing because it brings results having established their niche.  You should know when your niche is turning into a comfort zone and try something new. The world of photography is constantly changing with new trends such as motion pictures and dark backgrounds. Endeavor to learn something that challenges you and makes you a better person. Your dream photography career requires creativity, enthusiasm, vibrancy, and an opportunistic person in general. Pushing your limit requires courage and a little discomfort that will eventually pay off. You should think about your photography habits and try to change them. Challenging shoots can inspire you to get out of your comfort zone.
     Try motion photography by shooting wildlife or sports
     Tyr architectural photography because it might be the dream job you are awaiting
     Outdoor photography is quite challenging with the constant changes in light and weather
     Underwater photography is unique and technical
     Taking photos of strangers on the street gives you adrenaline and a new experience
     Try animation, sketched and portrait photography

Get inspired by professional Photographers

The key to finding inspiration in others is learning to appreciate their work. If you constantly feel that you are better than others are then you cannot learn from them. Inspiration gives you new ideas and helps you develop the ones that you have. Photographer Ann Svarovskey that works at, advises that you can only be the best by learning from the best, which is why you should find a mentor. You can find one by showing interest in one's work, attending workshops, and other events that you know they are in such as exhibitions. Professionals have vast experiences on the dos and don'ts of photography and can make you the best version of yourself. You do not have to meet someone to be motivated; you can:
     Use search engines to find their works on the internet
     Follow award shows to find out who is the best of the best
     Find printed photos in magazines, books, and many others
     Join forums, communities, and photography websites search as Flickr

Look at Improvement Possibilities and Employment Outlook

Getting employment in your dream company such as vogue magazine is quite different from freelancing. Employers seek much more that is why you look at the possibilities of improving. According to, educational advancement is vital for any photographer opportunities for advancement. It gives you a competitive advantage in a career market where everyone owns a camera. Training to improve your photography skills, observing trends, and taking additional classes sets you apart, whether in a career or when freelancing. What can a photographer do to improve and be lucrative?
     Knowledge of computer programs and applications especially those that edit photos
     Creating of topnotch portfolios and resumes that makes you different
     Look into other employment possibilities such as photography professor and graphic designer
Concisely, a career in photography is more than owning a camera. The constant need to improve and gain employment advancement determines if you will succeed or fail. A career in photography requires enough passion and ambition. You should endeavor to familiarize with your camera and own it. You can get out of your comfort zone by challenging yourself with a new skill or experimenting with color. Networking with fellow photographers and drawing inspiration from them is vital in becoming better at what you do. Finally, you should look at how to improve so that you can gain employment advancement. Photography as a career is much more demanding than you will expect.