Garmin Red Light Camera Database is Crap

The Garmin NĂ¼vi for navigation must be a holiday retail success story because we are getting lots of emails from customers asking for our red light camera database. We do not currently license the database directly to consumers because we do not have the infrastructure necessary to deal with customer service.  We prefer to license our database to vendors like Garmin who can add our database as a feature.  After my brief review it appears based on the product that traffic is an additional service option that can be added on as well as a number of Points of Interest as seen below.  There are many other points of interest like banks, restaurants, shopping, parking, gas, entertainment but nothing to help you driver more safely.  Safe driving is a hot topic this year and we have a database that can help Garmin  customers.

We met with Garmin management and they seemed content sourcing red light camera data from an unamed company in Europe that provides no sources for its database.  As long as Garmin's executive seem is satisfied with being behind the curve and not having a complete dataset that is what their customers will get.  Please retweet and post a comment this post if you would like to see our red light content added to the Garmin platform. I don't think management is going to change their data provider unless consumers protest.

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