Does NAVTEQ Steal POI Data?

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We would like to alleviate some of the confusion in the marketplace. Navteq is NOT currently a customer of and we have no idea where they have acquired their data from.

However, has been the #1 sole source and pioneer of gathering red light camera and speed camera locations in a free open database since 2001. There are many databases in the market described above that copy our data and use this data and sell it. If you are considering licensing or using the NAVTEQ speed and red light camera locations database you might want to ask them the following questions first . . .

1) Why are you missing about 1000+ locations?
2) What sources for acquiring the original 5000 locations?
3) Are your sources for the data-stealing content?
4) Sources for updates on new locations and changes?
5) Proprietary research (?) when is free?
6) Any right turn and red light camera/speed combo cameras?
7) Why did it take you so many years to release a product?
8) Can you deliver updates to the locations in real-time?
9) How do you charge for the database?
10) Publishing fines with the location be a copyright violation?

NAVTEQ, the leading global provider of digital map, traffic, and location data for in-vehicle, portable, wireless, and enterprise solutions, announced today at Telematics Detroit 2009 speed and red light camera locations are now available for the NAVTEQ(R) map of North America. NAVTEQ Camera Alert(TM) includes up-to-date information about the exact location of speed limit cameras, red-light cameras, as well as combined speed and red light cameras in 5,000 locations throughout North America.

"Automated cameras are proliferating across North American cities," stated Cindy Paulauskas, vice president of America's map and content products, NAVTEQ. "And our proprietary research indicates that these types of warnings are a highly valued feature in countries where this navigation system functionality is available. Providing our customers with quality North America camera location information helps enable solutions that give drivers better knowledge of maximum speeds and traffic signals - with alerts at the right place and at the right time."

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