Top 10 Reasons Why Red Light Camera Tickets Are Not Enforced

Depending on the state, county, or province, the laws regarding red light camera ticket citations are different. Some red-light camera ticket photos can't be used or enforced for different reasons. These are the top 10 reasons for the tickets not being enforced:

1) Both images do not show vehicle through the intersection during the red light
2) Unreadable license plate due to glare, lighting or obstruction of license plate
3) No license plate or the dealer plate logo is showing from the transfer of ownership
4) Out of State plates - Not sure about this one in every State?
5) Weather-related image distortion due to rain, snow, dust or wind
6) Invalid or temporary license plates
7) No DMV match to the registered vehicle driver, some states only require a photo of the vehicle
8) Traffic signal, camera, flash malfunction
9) Poor image quality or focus
10) The driver was not you and you may submit a Declaration of Non-liability.  Snitch tickets

As always we would appreciate here feedback about your experiences related to the enforcement of tickets due to these circumstances and any others we are missing. We are especially curious about #4) out of State plates and the enforcement of tickets.

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