How to Build Better Video Content

YouTube video phone

The art of video marketing can be an ace up the sleeve of any diligent business owner, especially one who needs to make their brand as discoverable as possible. Immensely popular and highly visual platforms like Instagram and YouTube offer prime marketing opportunities to many businesses, provided they take the time to make sure their videos are high-quality and manage to keep the audience engaged.

If you felt like now was the time to build better video content for your brand, here are some important tips to think about.

Make it Accessible

Making your videos and, therefore, your company’s message as accessible and as inclusive as possible is a must, particularly since the online realm can help you extend your reach across the whole planet.

By opting to make your videos more accessible, you are essentially breaking down barriers and accessing a wider audience, ensuring that no one gets left out. This includes those that don’t speak the same language as you and people who are hard of hearing. You might want to consider getting your hands on some great CART caption services for all languages, as this could be a prime way to make your videos globally accessible. With real-time speech-to-text tools, transcribe and translate all of your spoken material with complete accuracy.  

Choose the Right Platforms

Tailoring your videos based on the platform you aim to share them is essential, as there are different communities and demographics interacting with each option. In many ways, great video content is defined by those who watch it, so the audience is integral to the creative process in general.

By keeping your target audience in mind (and through which platform to access them), you can start to use them to develop the story and the reasoning behind your videos.

Styles of Video

There are so many different types of videos that it can be difficult to know where to start the search for some originality. By sticking to what you know and opting for a tried and tested format, the originality can come out of your brand’s style, the tone of voice, the host’s personality, or the overall aesthetic.

You might want to think about some of the more popular formats to help you lay the foundations, such as:

·        Reviews – Product reviews can be funny, enlightening, charming, and highly informative, making them an ideal place to show off your own business’s wares.

·        How-To Videos – Another great platform to showcase your product or services, how-to videos are popular and fairly easy to make as long as you have genuine knowledge and the ability to research properly.

·        Testimonials – What better way to convince others to buy your product than enlisting those who already bought the product to do some selling for you?


There is a certain sense of immediacy in the modern world. Perhaps this is partly down to the ease of access to information granted by the internet or the rise of social media. This often makes the concept of consistency incredibly important, as it helps your brand and your videos to stand out in a constantly updating and fast-paced digital arena.

A great way to do this is to return to the roots of your business and act on the values that made your brand burst into life in the first place.