Increase Road Safety With These Accident Prevention Tips

driver safety sign

Did you know that more than five million motor vehicle accidents take place in the US each year? While these numbers shouldn’t discourage you from driving, they should bring about concerns. Although traffic lights and signs exist and advanced vehicles make the roads safer, these resources alone aren’t enough to prevent the dangers of driving. Essentially, drivers must take precautions to keep themselves, passengers, and other motorists safe. 

Follow The Rules Of The Road 

One of the simplest things drivers can do to prevent accidents follows the rules of the road. While these rules can vary from one location to another, they’re designed to keep everyone safe. Following the speed limit, buckling your seatbelt, using signals when changing lanes, and staying on your side of the road, are just a few road rules to consider. 

Inspect Your Car Daily 

It’s not uncommon to start your car, hop in, and head to your destination without a second thought. However, if there’s something wrong with your vehicle, it could cause an accident. For instance, if your reverse or brake lights don’t work, it prevents the motorists behind you from knowing your moves. If you slow down or back up and these lights aren’t working, you could hit someone or, even worse, cause a pileup on a major highway. 

Drivers can prevent this from becoming a disaster by simply inspecting your car before you leave the house. Turn on your lights to ensure they work. Have someone look as you change signals and step on the brakes. Finally, pay attention to any notifications or alarms about your vehicle on your dashboard. If something needs to be fixed, you should take care of it right away.

 Get Rid Of Troublesome Vehicles 

The condition of your vehicle while driving could be the difference between life and death. If your car isn’t working efficiently, you should have it repaired by a mechanic as soon as possible. If the problems persist or you own an old car that’s constantly breaking down, it’s probably time to get rid of the vehicle. There are sites like that will buy your car for cash the same day. You can use this money to put a down payment on something new. 

Eliminate Distractions 

When you’re behind the wheel, your full attention should be focused on the road. Be that as it may, distractions get in the way that can result in an accident. While you can avoid everything that might take your attention, do the best you can to reduce distractions when you’re driving. You can turn the radio down, put your phone on do not disturb mode, and steer clear of any activities that take your hands off the wheels (i.e., eating, applying makeup, etc.). If you have small children (which can easily distract you), ensure that they’re fed and have some form of entertainment to keep them occupied.

Steer Clear Of Substances 

Driving while under the influence impairs your ability to be safe and increases the risk of an accident. Though you may feel that taking a particular medication, street drug, or having a few drinks doesn’t change your behaviors, that’s not always the case. Therefore, don’t operate a vehicle after using such substances. It’s better to allow time to pass or ask someone to drive for you than to get behind the wheel and put everyone in danger. 

Avoid Driving Tired 

Alertness is essential when driving. If you’re running on fumes, it’s kind of hard to pay attention to the road. All too often, motorists fall asleep behind the wheel and end up causing a severe accident. The best thing to do is to avoid driving when you’re tired. Take a nap, postpone your appointment, or allow someone else to drive instead. If you start getting sleepy on the road, pull over somewhere safe and legal and get some rest. 

While advanced features in modern vehicles increase safety, it doesn’t mean drivers should become ignorant of the dangers on the road. Unless you want to find yourself, someone you love, or other motorists in an accident, you must take precautions like those listed above.