Is it worth buying a cheap dashcam?

cheap rexing dash cam

A dashcam in the car is a necessary thing. The question is whether to buy an expensive model or enough of the cheapest option.

The cost of many gadgets varies widely. You can buy a dash cam for up to $30, or you can find a model worth more than $500. Let's try to understand the difference. And to find the answer to the question: is it worth buying a cheap dashcam?

What do you get with a cheap dashcam?

There are two main requirements for a dashcam. These capture clear frames and easy installation on the dashboard of the car. As practice shows, the price is not a guarantee of buying the best dashcam. You can get everything you need with an inexpensive model.

The main dash cam features are:

       day and night footage quality;

       ease of installation;

       software playback;

       G force sensor.

Check the dashcams you want to buy for each of these items. And objectively assess the shortcomings of cheaper models.

Cheap dashcams have lower recording resolution

Each digital camera has its resolution. The cheaper dashcams models record HD or Full HD video. But high-quality recorded video is the main requirement for your dashcam. Therefore, we recommend you pay more, but buy a high-definition dashcam and record video in Quad HD and higher.

Dashcam features to look out for

Are you planning to buy the most affordable dashcam option? Be aware that the minimum feature set includes the following requirements:

  1. Audio recording. This is an important detail that will be needed in the event of an accident. The audio recording will help you prove your case before the insurance company, the police, and in court.
  2. Auto-turn on the camera. The dashcam starts recording video as soon as you start the car engine. No need to worry that you forgot to turn on the camera.
  3. G-force sensor This sensor allows the dashcam to detect the moment of impact. Footage recorded at this time will be saved from overwriting. You will not lose important evidence.
  4. Additional photography function. Allows you to use the dashcam as a camera for photo capture.

If the dashcam does not meet at least one of these points, you should not buy it.

What do you get if you pay more?

Dashcam users are willing to pay more for video quality and ease of use. An analysis of the models on the market shows that the most expensive does not mean the best.

We suggest you pay attention to more than two characteristics that are worth the higher price.

  Higher recording resolution. A higher resolution is more pixels. And more pixels are a clearer image. You pay more and get a clearer picture.

  Front and rear cameras. Most dash cams are only equipped with a camera that records the road ahead of your car. Versatile cameras allow you to get more shots, which can be important for you in an emergency. Dashcam accidents can help you.

Premium dashcam features

A premium dashcam in addition to the already mentioned basic functions is equipped with additional convenient features. By purchasing such a model, you get more opportunities. The advanced dashcam will be one of the most convenient applications for better driving.

   Parking model. The dashcam is always on the alert, even in an unattended car in the parking lot. The dashcam automatically responds to the impact and immediately turns on the recording.

   GPS. The dashcam records the location of the car and adds this information to the videos.

  Wi-Fi. This feature allows you to instantly transfer videos to your smartphone. You no longer need to upload videos to your PC. You can instantly do video storyboarding with online resources like Clideo.

 Speed camera alerts. Works on the example of navigation programs and constantly updates information about the location of speed cameras.

  Headlight reminder. This useful feature reminds you to turn on the headlight in low light.

 Fatigue alerts. Reminds you to stop if you drive for a long time without a break.

  Quality video is complemented by the ability of a video editor. You can do it here. These can be not only videos of the accident, but also just interesting moments of your trip. 

As you can see, buying a dashcam should focus on the characteristics of the model, not its price. And if you pay more, you know that you will get quality videos and ease of use of the dashcam. Finally, we have made a selection of dash cams for you that are worth your attention: Rexing Dual, Channel Dash, Cam Review.

Whatever model you choose, we wish you a safe trip and just fun videos on your dashcam.