10 Apps for Better Driving Experience

Nowadays, there is pretty much an app for everything and driving experience is no exception. Considering that the average American spends 300 hours a year in their car, why not make that process less tedious?

You don’t need to be a car enthusiast or a perfect driver. With the help of some useful apps, you can spend the time on the road like a pro. Whether you need assistance with finding parking or you want information about the nearest gas station, just take out your smartphone and let it work its magic.
This list of Android and IOS apps will become your personal driving assistant. 

1. Gas Buddy

According to GasBuddy, over the last 15 years, it has saved users over $2.9 billion dollars on gas. They claim that you can save $340 a year with this cool app.

Not only does it help you to find the cheapest gas, but when you pay for gas while using GasBuddy, it saves $0.10 a gallon for the first fill and $0.05 a gallon on every refill.

Some other benefits it offers are trip cost calculator, price hike alerts, and fuel insights.

·       Price: Free
·       Available for: Android and IOS

2. INRIX Traffic

If you hate being late but the traffic gets you down from time to time, here is a useful app for you.
The app displays traffic conditions so you’ll know what you are getting into. It’ll show you what’s happening more than 4 miles (6.4 million kilometers) ahead. With this information, you can easily change your route if needed.

Besides that, INRIX Traffic can also show you the quickest route to your destination and all the important traffic news.

·       Price: Free
·       Available for: Android and IOS 

3. Dash

Turn your car into a smart car by using this app and an OBD device.

Connect your phone with your car through Dash and unlock many useful options. Some of them are receiving driving insights, saving money with gas comparison, the car locator, and getting cost estimates for mechanics.

It will also help you to drive green by improving driving habits and fuel efficiency.

·       Price: Free trial; Quote based plan (contact vendor)
·       Available for: Android and IOS 

4. Radarbot

With Radarbot app, you’ll have completely legal access to the radar location information. Isn’t that the dream?This speed-camera detector and speedometer app will send you alerts about any type of camera, whether it is a fixed speed camera or traffic light camera.

It also has some other useful features such as real-time reports of maximum speed, information on your current speed, route-saving function, and it alerts you when you go over the speed limit.

·       Price: Free
·       Available for: Android and IOS 

5. Find My Car

Never again will you have to worry about finding your car in a cramped parking lot.

This amazing app tells you the exact location of your car. It uses GPS services and the Internet to locate your parked car and give you the information.

You can even share your position with friends or family.

·       Price: Free
·       Available for: Android 

6. Roadtrippers

Do you want to enjoy your trip rather than just rushing through the shortest route? If the answer is yes, install Roadtrippers.

It will direct you to the beautiful scenic rides that will enhance your driving experience. Read descriptions left by users and check the rating of the route to pick the best one. Maybe one day you can collect your road trip memories, find a writing service on a reviews page, and compose your very own travelogue.

When you get hungry, just check the app for the best places to eat near you.  

·       Price: Free
·       Available for: Android and IOS 

7. Parkopedia

Every driver understands the parking struggle. Parkopedia’s developers must have felt it too because this app makes that process a lot easier.

Parkopedia gives you parking insight, information on parking hours, and pricing. Based on the database collected from streets, parking structures, and car parks, you will find parking in no time.
It is no wonder that it is said to be the largest and most accurate parking service.

·       Price: Free
·       Available for: Android and IOS 

8. Craftsman Garage Door

Now you can control your garage door with your smartphone. This app turns into your garage door remote.

With the help of the app and AssureLink Connectivity, you can open and close the door, receive a notification if it’s opened or closed by someone else, and with a plugin, turn on and turn off the lights in the garage.

·       Price: Free
·       Available for: Android and IOS 

9. Openbay

If you need some repair services but you aren’t very informed about the best mechanics, this app will be your savior.

Openbay will help you to choose a high-quality service while having the info on the price from the very start.

All you need to do is to enter your maintenance issue, like tire rotation, and you’ll get quotes from local mechanics.

·       Price: Free
·       Available for: Android and IOS 

10. Listen

The car might be the best place for enjoying your favorite music. However, going through your phone and picking songs can affect your safety.

With this app, you’ll be able to play music with a gesture-based music player. A very simple and visual interface helps you to navigate your playlist with a few swipes.

There new Listen + Radio update lets you listen to radio stations tailored to your taste.

·       Price: Free
·       Available for: IOS 

Over to you

As you can tell, these smartphone apps cover many aspects of your driving experience. Depending on your driving needs, choose the app that suits you and give it a try.

The next time you need some help, all you’ll need to do is to take your phone and it will do the rest. You’ll see how once these apps become a part of your life, there will be no going back. 

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