The Best Rental Car for Your Next Road Trip

Anyone who loves a good road trip knows getting to your destination is half the fun. While many people choose planes as their preferred method of travel, there is something to be said for those who opt to take the scenic route and enjoy the journey.

Planning a road trip means finding new and exciting locations to stop along the way and taking in the breathtaking views you’ll pass. 

While road trips are exhilarating, you’ll also need to consider being comfortable and safe while you travel. You won’t want to spend countless hours in a car that makes you feel cramped or is unreliable. 

For many people, this means choosing a rental car instead of taking their personal vehicle when embarking on a road trip. 

When it comes to choosing a rental car, there are many options available. You’ll want to consider what type of vehicle will work best for you and your situation and look into a guide to rental car insurance to be sure you’re getting the right coverage. 

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Insurance Coverage for a Rental Car

Before heading out on your adventure, you will want to make sure you’re covered for the vehicle you choose. This is something to consider before arriving at the rental car location because they will likely try to sell you their own rental insurance. 

However, your insurance company may offer you rental coverage, meaning you won’t have to purchase from the counter when you pick up your vehicle.

Call and speak to your insurance agent before you walk in the door to rent a car. They can inform you of whether or not your policy covers a rental, how much will be covered, and what your options are. 

Using your insurance policy can save you a good chunk of change if you’re planning an extended rental period.

You can also contact your credit card company if you plan to charge the rental to the card and have the vehicle in your name. Many card companies will provide you with coverage. 

If none of these options work out, there is always the rental car company’s policy to fall back on. No matter where you choose to get your coverage from, it’s important to have in case anything, such as an accident, were to happen while you are on your trip.

The Right Rental Car for You

You may choose a rental for a variety of reasons. Your current vehicle may not fit the needs of your journey, it may be unreliable, or you simply may not want to add the miles and wear onto your own car. 

No matter the reason, it’s essential to consider what you are looking for in a rental to ensure you choose the right car.

A Rental for Better Gas Mileage

If you drive a car in your daily life that guzzles gas like no one’s business, you might be in the market for a rental that’s a little easier on the wallet. You will be traveling long distances after all, and gas prices can vary depending on where you’re traveling. 

Suppose fuel efficiency is your main concern; an option such as a hybrid, compact, or economy vehicle will be your best bet. Cars such as a Toyota Prius, Ford Fusion hybrid, Nissan Versa, or Mitsubishi Mirage all will offer you high miles per gallon, allowing you to spend less on fuel costs during your trip. 

Keep in mind, options such as these will likely force you to sacrifice space. Unless you choose something such as a full-sized hybrid, you probably will have little room for yourself, your passengers, and your luggage. 

These options are best for solo or two-person travel, rather than large groups. Though you can fit more than two people in the vehicle, you won’t have much room left over for luggage.

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Choosing a Spacious Rental with Reasonable Fuel Efficiency

On the other hand, your daily driving vehicle may get excellent gas mileage but offer minimal space. This can make travel difficult if you have multiple people traveling or plan on bringing large items with you. 

If you’re searching for a more spacious vehicle but don’t want to sacrifice too much of your gas mileage, your best options will be a full-sized car, compact SUV, or a midsize SUV. Vehicles such as a Ford Fusion, Ford Eco, or Toyota RAV4 all offer a more spacious setting without sacrificing too much fuel efficiency.

These cars will typically fit around five passengers comfortably with space for some small to moderate-sized luggage bags.

A Rental With Plenty of Space

If space is your main concern, smaller vehicles simply may not meet your needs. If you have a large family, are planning a trip with multiple people, or plan to bring multiple large items with you, space may be something you simply can’t sacrifice. 

You will be better suited for an option such as a standard SUV, full-size SUV, or a minivan. Vehicles like a Ford Edge, Chevy Tahoe, or Toyota Sienna will provide you with ample space for all your passengers and luggage. 

You may not find the best fuel efficiency with these types of vehicles, but you won’t be sacrificing any leg room either.

A More Luxurious Rental

Perhaps you’re not looking for space or fuel-efficiency. Instead, you might be looking for an exhilarating experience driving a car you would likely not be able to in your day-to-day life. 

Most car rental companies will offer luxury car rentals for you to choose from. Many have a wide range of options — anything from a Cadillac all the way up to a Maserati. 

If you choose a luxury vehicle, you will be getting all the perks such as advanced technology, luxury interior designs, and a smooth driving experience.

Keep in mind these rentals will cost far more than any standard car you could choose. But if you’re in the market for a road trip in style, one of these options could be perfect for you.

Rentals for Road Trips

Taking a road trip can be a fun and exciting experience. Finding interesting places to stop, taking in the views, and thoroughly enjoying the journey can make for an unforgettable experience. 

Choosing the right vehicle to get the most out of your trip is also essential. Take these tips and look into rental companies near you to find the perfect car for your next road trip. Then get out there and enjoy yourself. 

Alexandra Arcand
Alexandra Arcand writes and researches for the auto insurance comparison site, She enjoys road-tripping to almost all her travel destinations.