The Most Reliable Web Hosting Companies

All sites have to be launched on servers to work online. In a nutshell, servers are powerful computers that never stop working. They can host a lot of sessions so that many users can browse the same website simultaneously with no hassle. However, in case a server shuts down, a website becomes unreachable. Also, if a server gets overloaded, a website may stop working for some users, or the loading speed may decrease drastically. Therefore, trustworthiness is one of the foremost factors that users consider when looking for a web hosting company to launch a site.


It provides cheap and reliable solutions for site owners and enterprises to launch web portals. Their server uptime rate is 99.99%, which is a fantastic result. Low prices are the main characteristics of this hosting platform. It means that the number of users who can visit a site is not limited. Besides, most of their plans offer the opportunity to get limitless disk space on a server. Nevertheless, a free domain name and ease of use are the platform's selling points. 

Since the hosting platform is friendly to users with zero coding skills, it's popular among amateurs in web development and students who learn how to launch websites. They frequently pay to get their essay done by a skilled writer here and use the hosting firm to launch a website. A merged WordPress builder can be used for creating a new website using a mouse in your hand only. No extra fees are needed to pay. Moreover, it's easy to set up a hosting account and purchase a domain name using Bluehost, making it so attractive for beginners.

Host Gator

HostGator is one of the most secure hosting firms that can launch new sites fast. HostGator has a lot of benefits that help it stand out from the crowd and overcome competitors. These guys guarantee 99.9% uptime for their servers. Therefore, the chances that your site will stop working when it's hosted at HostGator are low. Nevertheless, there are also a lot of extra features that make it more attractive. 

All users who launch sites using the company's servers can get a free domain name and SSL certificate for one year. The disk space is not limited in all plans. These guys constantly monitor their servers. Therefore, any possible issues get fixed fast. Also, they backup the sites of their customers frequently. So if your website gets cracked or files erased, your site won't disappear forever. These guys will use backed-up files to make a site back fast. Besides, HostGator offers live chat support, so users can always get help by reaching real people.

InMotion Hosting

It is a widespread web hosting platform with a 99.99% uptime rate. It offers many helpful features that help people without technical skills launch sites fast. Also, they focus on security and provide top-tier support. There are a lot of various plans that foresee the ability to launch a site for cheap. InMotion customers can launch their sites on powerful servers. A free domain name and SSL certificate are provided as well. The convenience of server management is ensured by cPanel. It's a visual panel that foresees the ability to upload files, create databases, and manage sites under the hosting without technical skills. 

All InMotion hosting packages imply the security suite. It comprises a free SSL certificate to encrypt the user-server connection. Moreover, they provide complete Hack, Malware, and DDoS protection. Therefore, your site won't be easily hacked by scammers. Nevertheless, if an unexpected issue happens and a website disappears, or its files get broken, you will be able to make the latest version of your site live again because these guys back up all the files stored on their servers constantly. Besides, the InMotion hosting has a live chat and phone support department that works 24/7 so that their new and existing customers can quickly get help upon a need.


According to the reviews, reliability is one of the most vital factors consumers pay attention to when opting for a series online. DreamHost is a popular platform that has been working for a while. They guarantee 100% server uptime, which is the best result. Since they focus on security, there are a lot of great features that attract a lot of clients who are concerned about safety. The platform offers the opportunity to establish a secured connection between a site owner's computer to transfer sensitive files to a server. Also, there is multi-factor authentication available. Furthermore, all the data on their servers is encrypted. Despite many unique features, they have low prices and offer many freebies. For example, they provide a free domain name, SSL certificate, and limitless storage.