BMWs Warn Drivers Of Speed Traps And Red-Light Cameras

BMWs Warn Drivers Of Speed Traps And Red-Light Cameras

Talk about an idea that’s long been overdue, especially for cars that are built to be driven aggressively. Some newer BMW models can now be upgraded with a system that warns drivers of the presence of speed detection devices and red-light cameras in the road ahead. That would make BMW the first automaker to sell cars that both help drivers get—and avoid getting—speeding tickets.

Called the Traffic Camera Information system, it’s part of BMW’s ConnectedDrive suite of high-tech in-car services that otherwise include real-time traffic alerts, advanced smartphone and Amazon Alexa connectivity and advanced voice control features. Powered by Here Technologies and Cedar Electronics, it’s similar to a function already being offered as part of the Waze traffic information system. Only rather than rely on reports of speed detection devices submitted by other motorists as Waze does, BMW’s system is based on a nationwide database of installations backed up by a network of radar detectors.

The speed-trap detection function is being offered as a three-month free trial on select 2021 models built after July 1, 2020 and equipped with BMW’s Live Cockpit Professional system. Owners can find more details about the service and check to see if it’s available their vehicle on the BMW ConnectedDrive Store website.

After the trial period expires, users will be asked to sign up for the service on a subscription basis at $25 for 15 months, which seems dirt cheap compared to having to pony up $100 or more to settle a speeding ticket. It’s not the first and certainly won’t be the last subscription-based option BMW will offer as a way to fuel ongoing revenues.

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