Red Light Ticket at MTA Metro Railroad Crossing Locations Map

LA MTA Red Light Camera
Did you receive a ticket at one of these locations?

Did you receive an LA MTA red light camera ticket? Red light camera tickets can be very expensive, often costing $490 or more for just the fine amount.  If you add the impact this ticket can have on your driving record and insurance premium, it makes sense to find out how you can get this ticket dismissed.  Are Traffic Cameras Legal In Los Angeles, California?

At the intersections of MTA metro line alignments and surface streets, the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority, LA MTA, has provided red light camera tickets. At the intersections of the LA MTA Blue line, the Gold Line, the Expo Line, and the Orange Line, the cameras are located. The LA MTA red light camera tickets are provided by the Sheriff's Department of LA County. The fees are about $500 for the LA MTA red light camera tickets. Yes, $500 is a pricey ticket. In certain places, tickets are issued for the red light camera to make a right turn when the light is red.

Below is a map and list of LA MTA red light camera locations

Where are all red light camera locations

LA MTA Red Light Cameras Map

LA MTA Orange Line Red Light Camera Intersections

Tujunga & Busway

Oxnard/Buffalo & Busway

Woodman & Busway

Van Nuys & Busway

Sepulveda & Busway

Woodley & Busway

Balboa & Busway

Lindley & Busway

White Oak & Busway

Reseda & Busway

Tampa & Busway

Mason & Busway

Victory/De Soto & Busway

Vanowen & Busway

Sherman Way & Busway

Saticoy & Busway

Roscoe & Busway

Parthenia & Busway

Nordhoff & Busway

LA MTA Gold Line Red Light Camera Intersections

3rd & Civic Center

3rd & La Verne

3rd & Mednik

3rd & Arizona

3rd & Mc Donnell

3rd & Ford

3rd & Eastern

3rd & Downey

3rd & Gage

1st & Rowan

1st & Lorena

1st & Clarence

1st & Utah

1st & Anderson

1st & Mission

Alameda Street & Temple Street

LA MTA Expo Line Red Light Camera Intersections

Flower & Washington

Flower & USC Trade Tech

Flower & 23rd

Flower & Adams

Flower & 28th Street

Flower & 30th Street

Flower & Jefferson

Exposition & Vermont

Exposition & Raymond

Exposition & Normandie

Exposition & Halldale

Exposition & Denker

Exposition & Western

Exposition & Crenshaw

LA MTA Blue Line Red Light Camera Intersections

20th Street & Long Beach Boulevard

Vernon & Long Beach Boulevard

Century Boulevard & Grandee Avenue

103rd Street & Grandee Avenue

119th Street & Willowbrook Boulevard

130th Street & Willowbrook Boulevard

Stockwell Street & Willowbrook Boulevard

Washington Boulevard & Los Angeles Street

Washington Boulevard & San Pedro Street

Washington Boulevard & Broadway Street

Flower Street & 18th Street

Flower Street & 10 FWY on-ramp

Venice & Flower

Failure to Stop for Red Light Signal Railroad Crossing

Pursuant to section 22451 of the CVC, a pedestrian or driver of any vehicle shall stop at least 15 feet from the nearest railway if an alarm is issued or the driver sees or hears the approach of a train. The fine is about $490 for this traffic ticket, plus a point on your driving record will be issued to you.

A driver of any vehicle or pedestrian approaching a grade crossing by rail or rail shall stop at a distance of not less than 15 feet from the nearest rail and shall not move until he or she is in a position to do so safely, subject to the following conditions:

  • A clearly visible electrical or mechanical signaling system or flagman offers a warning of the train, vehicle, or on-track equipment's approach or passage.
  • An approaching train, vehicle, or on-track system is clearly visible or emits an audible signal and is an immediate danger because of its speed or proximity.

No driver or pedestrian shall, while the gate is closed, proceed through, around, or under any railway or railway transit crossing gate.

If a railway or rail transit crossing is fitted with an automatic compliance device, the procedures set out in Section 40518 shall be subject to notice of a breach of this section.

 'On-track equipment' means, for the purposes of this section, any locomotive or any other vehicle, rolling stock, equipment, or other apparatus which is worked on stationary rails, alone or coupled with others.