Tips on finding the right driving instructor for you

Tips on finding the right driving instructor for youLearning how to drive is an essential life skill. You must be able to drive yourself to work, to college, drop kids to school or run general errands. Knowing how to drive is also a necessary skill to have in emergencies. Several people learn how to drive from their parents, friends, or other family members. However, not everyone has that option. 

If you’re in a similar situation, learning from a driving instructor is an excellent option. They can also help you get your driving license quickly. When trying to find the right driving instructor, you must keep several things in mind. Choosing a driving instructor who is not well-suited for you can not only make you lose a lot of money but also cause a lot of inconveniences. That being said, finding the best-suited one isn’t exactly tough. Here’s how you can choose the right driving instructor for yourself. 

Ask for recommendations within your social circle 

The driving instructor you choose should be safe and reliable. The best way to learn about available driving instructors is by asking for recommendations from within your social circle. This includes your work colleagues, your friends, family members, or neighbors.

Understand their approach and ask for their advice 

Being aware of the driving instructor’s style of driving is crucial before you begin practicing with them. They must be big advocates of safe and low-risk driving and shouldn’t encourage you to drive rashly or speedily. In addition to this, it is also a good idea to ask the driving instructor a lot of questions. Their answers should give you an idea of what kind of experience you’ll have and if you should hire them or not. 

      How long have you been in the business?

      How many hours a day of practice do you recommend?

      Will you be charging per hour or per lesson?

      After how long do your students usually take the driving test?

      Are you flexible on the time and day of the lesson?

      Do you offer free cancellation of a lesson?

      Where will the pickup and drop off point of every lesson be? 

Look for someone who has Professional Indemnity Insurance for Driving Instructor 

Learning how to drive isn’t very tough but can be risky at times. If your driving instructor isn’t careful while teaching you or there is some issue with the car, you might end up in an accident. In such instances, it’s likely that you will file for damages and request compensatory payment. Find someone who has Professional Indemnity Insurance for Driving Instructor. 

A Professional Indemnity Insurance from BizCover covers driving instructors in instances of accidents or negligence. If you file a legal claim, Professional Indemnity Insurance enables the driving instructor to pay you all damage payments in full. 

They should offer you additional educational material 

Along with giving a driving test, you also need to pass a written test to be able to secure a driving license for yourself. This requires you to learn traffic safety rules and recommendations. Your driving instructor should be able to guide you on the same and offer additional educational material for you to refer to. 

When asking them about how the driving lessons would look like, make sure that you ask them about educational material as well. These educational resources are also crucial for you to learn how you can be a better and safer driver on the road. 

Don’t go for the cheapest option available 

A driving instructor has to bear a lot of costs when teaching their students. This is also one reason why driving lessons can be a tad bit costly. However, you must refrain from choosing the cheapest option available to you, especially if the rates are suspiciously low. Chances are that if a driving instructor is charging you way less than the market rate, they are cutting costs and won’t provide you good enough lessons. In fact, driving instructors that are charging you suspiciously low often tend to extend the number of classes to make more money in the long run. 

Ask the driving instructor exactly why they charge the fee that they do. You may have the option to ask for a discount with them if you book lessons in bulk. However, do this only when you’ve had a few lessons with them and are sure that they’re doing a good job. Additionally, also ensure that they are certified driving instructors and are not running a business without appropriate licenses and certifications. 


It is highly recommended that you do thorough homework before choosing a driving instructor to teach you how to drive. Do not jump to conclusions and ensure that you are going with someone who comes highly recommended. A good driving instructor will offer way more than simply driving lessons and that’s exactly what you need to look for. 


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