Expert Tips for Home Security Camera Installation

Your home is doubtlessly your most valuable possessions. It is the haven you retire to every day after working for long hours. It is the place you can get peace of mind when you are stressed, and the place that makes your loved ones happy and contented.

Even though your home is a safe refuge for you and your loved ones, its security is not guaranteed. This is why you need to set up home security cameras to ensure your kids get home safely, peek your house while you are miles away, monitor deliveries, and keep burglars away.

But for your security cameras to be useful, you don't just walk into a store, buy them, and install them without a plan.

Below are some tips that will help you install security cameras in a way that they will offer maximum protection to your home;

1.       Don’t hide them

Some people believe that by hiding their security cameras, they will capture the wrongdoers without their knowledge. Although this might help when you want to capture specific activity, it will not be beneficial to your home security.

A majority of burglars will consider the availability of security cameras before breaking into a home. According to research done by the University of North Carolina, burglars tend to avoid homes where they might be caught in the act.

2.       Don't just protect the front door.

For a fact, you don’t want to find that your living room was burgled. Since you have not protected your front door, burglars found no security cameras in your backyard and took advantage of it!
While choosing the spot for your home security cameras, pay close attention to your home's layout.
It’s like planning a bet on the NBA odds: you have to know how the coach is organizing its team. Remember that various key areas are more critical than others.

For instance, your front door helps you see visitors and deliveries. Therefore, covering the entryways with a security camera will help you keep an eye on mundane things such as the handling of deliveries and keep intruders away.

As a rule of the thumb, don't forget to cover areas you consider less obvious, such as back doors since they are major entry points for intruders.

Ground-floor windows also entice burglars; hence you need to cover them whenever possible. These are vulnerable points that should not be overlooked.

3.       Have cameras powered at all times!

Whether your cameras connected to a power source or you have opted for battery-powered Wi-Fi cameras, ensure they are powered at all times.

Look – intruders might take advantage of a power problem in your abode and get away with the valuables you have worked hard to possess.

Make sure you replace batteries for your battery-powered cameras when necessary. Similarly, have a power backup plan for those cameras that are directly connected to a power source.

For instance, if you use power from the national grid, install solar power as a backup energy source. This way, you will keep your home secured 24/7.

4.       Get cameras with motion detectors.

You don’t need a camera that will overwhelm you with footage, such that you have to go through hours of boring video before you get what you are looking for.

Therefore, invest in cameras that will allow you to capture motion. For instance, go for cameras that will notify you when something or someone comes to your door, not when a snake slithers through your garden.

5.       Secure all your accounts

Since you have installed smart cameras in your home, be wary of cybercriminals who might take control of your accounts and expose your home to grave danger.

The first step to securing your accounts is to change your cameras’ default password. Most smart cameras come with simple passwords that are available on google. Leaving them unattended can put you in super-scary situations.

Create strong passwords for your accounts and create an extra layer of security using two-factor authentication. If you are using Wi-Fi cameras, make sure your router is secured, and you are using reliable encryption.

Securing your home is your sole responsibility. Use the above tips to conveniently install security cameras in your home that will add comfort, peace, and tranquility to your abode.