How Can I find someone’s Military Status?

how to check military service records
At some point in your life, you have probably met someone who told you lots of stories about what he did in the military. Since we live in a world where bestowing trust on someone is quite challenging, you wish it were possible to verify the person's military status before believing in his stories.
Fortunately, finding someone’s military status is not a vicious cycle.
You probably know that you can use SCRA Military Service Verification to verify military service, right? But contrary to popular belief, this is not the only way you can check whether someone is genuine about his involvement with the armed forces. Below are other useful methods you can try;

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Request

FOIA is one of the easiest and most accurate ways to check one's military status.
Just like any other piece of government information, public military records are available for everyone's perusal.
However, there are some bits of information about the military that are not available to the public. This protects against exposure to counterintelligence, foreign intelligence, and terrorism, which are rampant in today’s world.
If all you want is to verify if someone has served in the military, follow the following steps to lodge your request;
·         Fill out an FOIA request letter.
·         Email/snail mail your request to the appropriate agency
·         The U.S. military will process your request and determine what information (if any) to disclose.

Search the Personnel Records Center

Another way you can use to access someone's military records is to search the National Personal Records center situated in St. Louis, Missouri. In case you are located miles away and cannot go to this center in person, you can make your request online.
The repository is characterized by loads of military personnel health and medical records and information about veterans who died in service as early as the 20th century.
Remember, just like the SCRA Military Service Verification; you will need to lodge a request to the National Personnel Records Center to get information about your person(s) of interest.

Request to see his/her military I.D. card or DD-214

The D.D. Form 214, popularly known as DD-214 is a certificate that shows discharge from active duty.
The document is given to everyone in the U.S. military upon discharge, retire, or separation from the armed forces.
In the case, you are looking to authenticate whether someone has served in the military, this form can act as indisputable proof.
However, DD-214 forms can be doctored; thus, they are not ideal for a thorough military background check.
For further authentication, ask the individual to show you a military I.D. if he claims to be active in service, or a veteran I.D. card if he is retired.

Do an online military background check service.

Just like SCRA Military Service Verification, an online military background check is another way to get detailed and accurate information about someone who claims to be in the military. Nonetheless, remember you may need to part with a few bucks to enjoy this convenience.
Military background checks provide instant results about the individual you are searching for, and you can determine their legitimacy in an instant.


Whether you are going to hire someone who says he is in the military, or you want to verify if a veteran's stories are true, there are a host of ways you can use to achieve your goals. Some take days or weeks, while others, such as online background checks, take seconds or minutes, but they cost money.
Regardless of the method you choose, remember that it is critical to check anyone's military status before you can trust them. Remember, we live in a world of phonies, scam artists, and cybercriminals. It’s not uncommon for these elements of society to use the military's name to achieve their malevolent goals.