Top 4 things to Know About Video Fire Detection Technology

The last few years have seen leaps in the number of wildfires in many countries of the world. From the Amazon to the forests of California, from the continent of Australia all the way across the seas in Europe – all are experiencing uncontrollable fires at an alarming rate.

What do we do about it? We turn to new technology for monitoring the presence (and progress) of fire. We turn to machines that can go to places man can’t. We turn to video fire detection technology, an increasingly useful solution for monitoring fire.

With this in mind, here are some things you didn’t know about video fire detection software…

4 Reasons Video Fire Detection Tech is Top of The Class

Why bother making the switch from old smoke detectors?

1 – It’s more Affordable over Large Spaces

Warehouses benefit from video-based fire detection software since video fire detection can cover larger areas, for less camera. For example, a smoke detector needs to be close enough to pick up certain chemicals released by burning. A video system runs its feed through complex filters that ascertain the presence of flames or smoke. If you have a high ceiling in your warehouse this can mean two or three cameras over 10+ smoke detectors[i].

2 – It Detects Fires Faster

Since a video fire detection system doesn’t wait until the smoke reaches it like a regular alarm might, it detects the fire faster. This allows a quicker response from emergency services and means you lose less stock. If you have a staffed facility, or if you have installed video fire detection software in your home – this is a huge bonus that might save your most cherished items.

3 – Intelligent Identification of Fire, Smoke or Flame Reflections!

The computer technology that helps the video camera is intuitive, able to spot different types of smoke, flames, and even reflected flames. Some systems can also identify and detect movement, thereby combing smoke alarms with intruder alerts. In order to detect fires, all they need to do is be in the field of view of the camera[ii]. This means earlier detection that is faster than waiting for smoke to rise to a sensor.

4 – Can be Used in Impractical Areas

If you thought that there was no practical way of monitoring whether or not your property was on fire – video fire detection tech can work in your favor. A great example of this is in an outdoor space such as a national park or forested area of your property. Smoke alarms are less effective because you can’t connect them to a power source, and because they might not sense the smoke or chemicals released from burning.

When you use video fire detection you negate this problem. It allows the system to spot flames and route the information back to you, letting you put out the fire before it does any damage.

Still Confused about Video Fire Detection?

If you still aren’t sure about how it all works, we recommend you have a look at this study, on Science Direct. This paper details how it works in terms of engineering, as well as taking you through the algorithms that make it all possible.

One thing is for certain, applying video smoke detection to your home or business could save you more than just money. Safety is what it is all about.