What to Do when You are Faced with a Fine

traffic fine sign

While many people view the law with respect, there is one domain where reverence of rules isn’t always demonstrated by swathes of the population: the speed limits on roads. There is a large variety of punishments that can accompany speeding offenses, from a verbal warning to a large fine or even a prison sentence.

How to Avoid a Speeding Ticket

The first step in avoiding a speeding ticket comes from planning ahead. Driving familiar roads is a great way to make sure your car is not inadvertently traveling at a higher speed than permitted. Alternatively, if the destination requires an unknown route, having a quick look online can make all the difference. We offer a map service that shows not only speed cameras but also red-light cameras, CCTV cameras, and pay tolls.

Checking before starting the journey is by far the safest way of looking for potential speed cameras, but, for those in a rush, having an app such as Waze can prove useful. When a route is unfamiliar, it can be easy to miss warning signs; having an app that makes a noise when the car has crossed the speeding threshold is a help to many.

What to Do When Facing a Fine

After receiving the fine through the post, responding quickly is the best thing you can do. If the driver of the car has not had any other spending offenses within the past three years, or the car was not traveling at a speed more than 10% over the limit, a speed awareness course can be offered. If this has not been suggested, the driver will have to accept the points and fine. Once the letter has been received, it has to be filled in with the required information and sent back to the police within 28 days.

The amount that one is fined differs depending on the severity of the offense; the minimum fine is £100, rising to £1000 and finally going up to £2500 for dangerous speeding on the motorway. Although the policy behind speeding fines has recently changed, with the aim of keeping them more in line with one’s wages, receiving an unexpected fine can often take a severe chunk out of a budget. Those who are not able to access the required funds within the permitted time limit, unfortunately, face the potential of this increasing. Services such as Cash Lady offer high-cost short-term loans for those facing financial emergencies, no matter how poor their credit score and these solutions can help prevent further police action. The Money Advice Service can offer help with ensuring a secure plan is in place for repayment of such loans to avoid any situation where debt rises.

Although receiving a speeding ticket is never welcome, it isn’t the end of the world. As long as the action is taken quickly both to deal with the speeding ticket and to prevent further such situations, those added points shouldn’t prove too troublesome.