How to Write a Speeding Ticket Appeal Letter

The decision to write a speeding ticket appeal can be taken in various situations. For example, if there was a technical error of the camera, a dispute with the traffic police or at the time of fixing the violation, the car was driven by another person (your relative or friend), or when the car was sold under a sales contract but it was not registered with the traffic police on a new owner and the fines of the new owner comes in your name, and much more. The decision to make a speeding letter for the court or the traffic police should be taken seriously, writing all the details. Let’s check out how to write a speeding letter or know how to get a speeding ticket reduced.

What Is an Appeal?

The car ticket the appeal includes a review of court decisions made by the trial court. Such a review is possible at the initiative of the interested party to the trial. Each participant in the trial whose interests have been violated has the right to appeal to a higher court with an appeal.

The decisions made by the courts can be appealed only in court. Decisions made by the traffic police can be appealed either to the district (city) court or to a higher official of the traffic police.  Students should be especially attentive when writing this letter as it can directly affect their future. Just like when they write their essays and research papers, every detail should be noted down and explained using sources or evidence. Though to deal with academic writing, students can use the help of professional writers from a custom writing by EssayService platform, the speeding ticket appeal letter they should write themselves. 

What Should the Appeal Include?

In order to correctly and competently write an appeal, you need to study in detail the sample of similar documents or check the examples. You should carefully check out an example of an appeal against a decision of a court of the first instance. At the same time, it is very important when compiling an appeal to describe all the issues in detail. In any case, if you are not sure about how to write an appeal, it is better to seek the help of qualified experts on the assignment on time or a lawyer who knows exactly how to write an appeal to a court. And this greatly increases the chances of reviewing the case in your favor. So what should include the appeal:

   It is necessary to indicate the name of the court or the regional traffic police body to which the complaint is sent. Information about the applicant (i.e. your details) and representative (if any) is also indicated here: full name, address of residence, contact phone number.
    Title of the document.
    The complaint against the decision in the case of an administrative offense.
   The descriptive and motivational part that you can find in other examples or describe in detail your particular issue. Here you need to briefly outline the circumstances of the incident.
  Indicate the number and date of the decision, full name, and the position of inspector of the traffic police (or judge - if a court order is appealed) which brought you to justice.

In this part, it is also necessary to describe your position, the grounds on which you consider the decision to be unlawful. Provide references to the law in support of the position. It is necessary to indicate what you are asking the court (or the higher authority of the traffic police), namely:
     To cancel the decision (number, date) and terminate the proceedings.
  List the documents attached to the complaint, indicate the number of sheets in the documents.
     Add the signature and date of application.

Other important notes to pay attention to:
  The content of your appeal letter when creating a speeding ticket should be focused on the conditions, types, and the reasons why you got the ticket.
    Focus on the tone of voice when writing a letter, so you can sound polite and formal without aggression.
    Provide evidence into your case, for example, video recording, the speed limit, insurance data, and other parameters.

Final Thoughts

Summing up, you have around ten days to write an appeal. The countdown starts from the moment you receive a letter on the mail or a copy of the decision in the traffic police. What to do if you missed time for appeal? In this case, you can restore this period, but only if it was missed for a good reason. The good reasons for missing the appeal deadline include, in particular: a serious illness, helpless state, illiteracy, and other circumstances related to the identity of the person filing the complaint. If the time period for appealing the fine has expired and the decision has not been appealed, then it shall enter into legal force.

Author's Bio:

Jeff Blaylock is a lawyer and professional writer. First of all, he offers to be attentive to your particular case as each situation is individual. You can make research and hire experts to help you out. As well, you can use common examples to write your application correctly. The practice shows that the bulk of appeals are sent to the courts since the court has no interest in the final decision. So be ready for writing an appeal letter to the court.