Truck safety accessories and upgrades that are worth the investment

In the past years, the transportation industry has been one of the first to take advantage of the latest tech innovations and most drivers, both commercial and personal, enjoy state-of-the-art upgrades that once seemed too good to be true. Improvements have been made in all aspects of car quality, but safety is perhaps the one that changed the most.

From autonomous emergency braking to lane assist technology and blind-spot detection, modern cars are getting safer. As more and more countries have pledged to take measures to reduce road fatalities, we can expect these groundbreaking technologies to become mainstream.

However, there’s one automotive industry where innovations don’t have the same adoption rate: the trucking industry. Every year, around 250,000 truck drivers are involved in crashes and 2% of these crashes result in death. This makes being a truck driver one of the most dangerous jobs in America.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, most of these accidents are caused by a lack of safety gear, so it’s important to take extensive measures. At present, there are a number of initiatives that are set to reduce the rate of truck accidents, such as the placement of large video displays on the back of trucks and the use of cameras and radar sensors. Although these measures are a reason to optimistic, it will undoubtedly take some time until all trucks are fitted with safety upgrades.

Whether you have a trucking business or you simply own a personal truck and want to make it safer, these are the essential upgrades you should invest in: 


If your truck doesn’t have a mud flap by now, you should get one as soon as possible. As you probably know by now, driving a truck can take you through some challenging off-road conditions. You will have to pass areas with a lot of mud and rocks, which not only can ruin the way your truck looks, but also cause some serious safety issues. A mudflap can prevent this.

Mudflaps are special vehicle guards that you place behind the vehicle’s tires to protect it from road debris and certain substances that can affect it, such as salt and de-icing solutions. They can be made either from rubber or sheet metal and, because they’re very durable, they will protect your truck’s mechanical parts for a long time.
Many truck owners buy mud flaps for their decorative purposes and it’s true that this is a handy additional benefit. By customizing your mud flap, you can also advertise your business. However, when buying a mud flap, make sure you choose it for its quality and level of protection, not its aesthetic appeal because safety should always come first. 

Fender flares

Fender flares are an extension of the truck fender that provides additional coverage from the debris thrown into the air by the tire. And while it may seem like fender flares only have an aesthetic purpose – keeping your truck free from mud and other debris – they actually improve safety as well. When driving at high speeds unfinished roads, the smallest gravel can seriously damage your truck if you don’t have a fender. In some US states, installing fender flares on your truck is required by law, so make sure you check this if you’ve just bought your truck. 

Truck winches

You can never be too prepared for sticky situations. Literally. When you take your truck off-road, there’s the risk of being stuck in mud or water, and when that happens, a regular rope or cable won’t do the trick. This is where a strong truck winch can save the day.

Truck winches are durable, motorized cables that can easily pull a truck’s weight from mud and other obstacles so that even the hardest off-road conditions will become more manageable. Every truck driver knows just how frustrating it can be to be stuck, with no cell reception to call a towing service, or waiting for hours until someone comes to help you out. A good truck winch and help you get out of these sticky situations yourself so that you don’t have to call the towers. Needless to say, this accessory pays for itself because it’s much cheaper than having your car towed long distances. And you won’t be the only one who’ll be grateful. If another driver gets stuck on the road, you can always use your truck winch to help them out. 


In most cases, the life of a truck driver means navigating rough terrain for miles and miles, including at night. And while you may think that your stock lights are enough, many car safety experts argue that you need advanced lighting solutions to be protected on the road.

Lightbars provide significantly more light, which means that you will be able to clearly distinguish your surroundings and spot even the smallest obstacle on the road. When driving late at night on roads with no lighting, light bars will help you see if the road ahead is damaged and spot pedestrians and animals from afar. And you’ll never miss the first exit again. Even though they’re not the most important safety upgrade, light bars can make the difference between getting home safe and having an accident, which is why every responsible truck driver should consider getting them.