Keep Your Kids Secure from These Technology Threat

Nowadays, children are among the most active users of the internet, and unfortunately, can expose themselves to several threats. Being a parent is hard, especially when there is a continuously growing list of technologies which can affect your children in many ways. If you are allowing your children to spend significant time on the internet, then it is essential to know about the threats they can potentially face. It can be a little daunting to keep up with new technologies and applications, but keeping your children safe from web threats should be your priority.

The internet and web surfing can be a dangerous neighborhood, especially for teens and children. Sometimes, your kids can expose themselves and you to online risks, such as accidentally downloading malware. It may sound okay, but cybercriminals can access your bank account or other sensitive information through it. Therefore, you should deal with such situations to keep your kids, and yourself protected. Below mentioned are a few common online threats to children and some suggestion on how you can keep your kids secure from them. 

Inappropriate Content

The internet is full of inappropriate content. Your kid might try to search for such content, or may accidentally stumble upon it, and it is not suitable for your kid, either way. There are thousands of websites that contain unsuitable content which is not blocked. You never know when something pops up on your mobile phone when your kids are using it.
Therefore, it is worth investing in parental control software or free phone tracker such as mSpy. Another great option is a child-friendly browser which will automatically block websites containing unsuitable content for kids. 


According to, over 90% of teens ignore cyberbullying when they participate in social media. Unfortunately, one-third of the percentage still become the victim of it. Social media and online games are a big thing for the virtual players. Teens and kids spend a lot of their time playing such games, and that is where much cyberbullying takes place.
This is the era of internet, and cyberbullying is probably one of the most arguable threats of the time.  Therefore, the number one solution is to prevent your children from creating social media profiles. Communicate with your kids and let them know that they can create profiles later when they are older. If it is not possible, then offer your help and tell them to reach out to you in case of any bullying. 

Online Scams

You may think that older adults are more likely to be the target of such threats, but in reality, kids are also vulnerable to them. The most common scams can include emails claiming you’ve won a considerable amount of money and you have to pay some money to get your price. Sometimes cheap offers and free stuff can also trap kids and make them believe it.
Education is the key to preventing your kids from such scams, make sure to let your kids know what the signs are and how not to trust them. Moreover, teach them to never make an online purchase without asking for your advice.