Washington D.C. to Add 32 Stop Sign Cameras in School Zones

First Stop Sign Camera Tested at Intersection of 
Kansas Ave NW & Buchanan St NW Washington, DC 20011 ‎

The District has installed its first stop sign camera in a new program aimed at infractions in school zones.   32 cameras in total are expected to be installed across the District. Police spokeswoman Gwen Crump tells WTOP the other cameras will go near schools where data shows drivers ignore stop signs. It's unclear when the rest of the cameras will be deployed. Tickets from the cameras will be $50. The District plans to add other cameras that will detect vehicles that "block the box" at intersections as well as catch vehicles that don't stop for pedestrians in crosswalks. Other cameras will look for oversized vehicles traveling through residential areas. D.C. Police plans to add as many as 100 other cameras, in addition to the stoplight cameras.