Illinois Bill Could Ban Red Light Cameras

no red light camera sign

Legislators in Springfield, Illinois will take up a bill Tuesday that could ban automated red-light cameras.

The bill, which has the support of a number of leading Republicans and Democrats, would remove the right of counties and municipalities in Illinois to use the automated red-light cameras. Those cameras, which ticket motorists for going through stoplights, have popped up at intersections across the city and suburbs.  It's unknown whether the Bill will apply to only new cameras or if the old cameras will be taken down.  History has shown us that the previous camera installed in other cities around the Country are grandfathered in until the contracts with Redflex and ATS have expired. has been tracking the growth cameras in Illinois and it is one of the fastest-growing states to use the technique.  Based on our open database there are more than 700+ locations being monitored around the state with more than two-thirds of them in Chicago.

Supporters of the cameras claim they increase safety. But opponents argue the cameras only bring in revenues.