Why Are Mapping Companies Afraid to Publish Camera Locations?

So many big US mapping companies ask me what I think is a really stupid question:  Is it illegal in the US to publish red light camera or speed camera locations?  The answer is emphatically NO! There is one reason why.  Free Speech which is the first amendment in the US Amendment in the constitution protects citizens and businesses from this fact. Would the US Federal or State Governments ever ask companies like Google, Navteq or TeleAtals to not publishing the location data?  I continually ask myself why I have been gathering this data for the last 10+ years yet US mapping companies are still afraid of publishing the information?

You have to ask yourself why these well educated people and businessmen are asking this question?  As I am told it is currently illegal in German to publish red light camera and speed camera locations and use a warning device while driving. Police officers reportedly have the right to take about your navigation device or smartphone if they see you using an application that warns you of these locations.  Sounds a bit strange does it?  I would suspect that these laws would give a company like BMW some hesitation if they were considering to use this data for their in car navigation experiences.

Well, it turns out that this conservative thinking of not wanting to publishing the information has trickled down to navigation, map and big car companies.  These companies don't want to be perceived as helping their drivers evade the law when in reality it actually helps them drive safer.  Why, because it is a known fact that other drivers tend to do erratic things when they see warning signs or cameras.  There are proven examples that people tend to slow down suddenly hitting the brakes.  So as a result more fender bender accidents are created.