Ticket for Running a Red Light on a Bike

Bicyclists and Red Light Cameras

Most bicyclists are not aware that the motor vehicle code applies to them since they are not technically driving a motor vehicle. “Motor vehicle” would normally not be expected to include a device moved exclusively by human power.

Bicyclists however can be cited for a red light ticket under the California Vehicle Code due to the fact that by statute every person riding a bicycle upon a highway has all the rights and is subject to all the provisions applicable to the driver of a vehicle by this division.

Although a bicyclist could technically be ticketed by Red Light Camera, there is the sheer fact that bicycles do not have a plate on them so the driver of the bicycle cannot be tracked.

State Assemblyman Michael Den Dekker in New York has introduced legislation that, poses the idea of requiring all bicycles to have a license plate, and placing cameras in the bike lanes, so that when a bicycle goes through a red light, they could be tracked down and issued a ticket essentially like registered owners of cars are tracked down and issued a ticket.

There doesn’t appear to be any similar pending legislation in California like that in New York, however, bicyclists in California do face hefty fines if ticketed by an officer (though no demerit points to their motor vehicle driving record).

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