How to Read a Red Light Camera Ticket

Not all red light camera tickets are the same as there are different red light camera companies. Some are easier to read than others. If you have ever received a Red Light Photo Ticket in cities like West Hollywood and San Francisco you may have had difficulty trying to figure out what all those numbers mean at the top of your photograph.

Cities like West Hollywood or San Francisco use the technology of ACS camera systems and on these camera tickets, there is a photo of the vehicle’s position when the light first turns red and a picture of the position of the vehicle when it is going through the intersection. There is a square block at the top center of each photograph. There are numbers and symbols listed on these square data blocks that translate into things like the speed of your vehicle at the time you passed through the intersection, the date of the violation, and the timing of the traffic signals.

If you are looking at the square data block on the first photograph, it is important to know that the first set of numbers is the time of day, the set of numbers to the left of this is the Date/Month/ Year. The next line of numbers reflects how long the light was yellow before the light turned red, and the last set of numbers to the left of this reflect how long the light was red before the vehicle entered the intersection.

As for the data box on the second photograph, it is important to know that the first row of numbers here is also the time and date. The second and third rows are a little different though. The second row tells you how much time has passed in between Photograph One of the vehicle and Photograph Two, how long the light has been red between Photograph One and Two. On the third and final row, there is the violation counter (if there was only one person that ran a red light ahead of you then the violation counter will read 002), and the last set of numbers reflects the speed of your vehicle. If you plan on fighting your ticket then it definitely helps to understand what all those numbers mean.

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