LA Losing Money on Red Light Cameras

Safer Streets L.A. has raised the pertinent question of whether photo enforcement is a legitimate use of city and law enforcement resources considering the recent acknowledgment by the LAPD and LADOT that intersections have been made safer due to signal timing enhancements alone. Safer Streets L.A. and its supporters will be providing public comment as to why the contract should not be extended.
  • Effect of Extending PRL Contract 3 Months
  • Immediate cost of $ $901,539.00 (Vendor and LAPD/DOT)
  • Overall Loss of $22,000 (after income from tickets many months later)
  • Loss To Local Economy: $1,072,861.00+ (In ticket costs alone. Additional losses to the economy from higher insurance premiums.)
  • Cost for 30 day warning period $0.00 (Vendor pays this cost. Need warning period if the system moved to new locations anyway.)
  • No Improvement in Safety (Accidents were eliminated by original engineering countermeasures, Cameras not put at most dangerous intersections)
  • 75% of Tickets for Rolling Right Turns (97% at some intersection approaches)*
  • Violations can be further reduced by lengthening yellow light .3 - .7 seconds at minimal cost
3 Month Projections for Contract Extension

Receipts due from Superior Court
 $ 1,072,861.00
Reporters Salary Fund Deductions at 18%
 $  (193,114.98)
Estimated Revenue from RLC Program
 $   879,746.02

Vendor Costs
 $   691,194.00
Labor (LADOT & LAPD Direct)
 $   210,345.00
LADOT Infrastructure Cost Amortization
 $                 -  
Total costs
 $   901,539.00

Net Income (Loss)
 $    (21,792.98)

*Citation Data from LAPD
**Costs and revenue projections verified by Controller’s office.

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