What Does Red Time Mean on Ticket?

What Does Red Time on a Red Light Camera Ticket Mean?

A red light camera system at any given camera enforced intersection is supposed to be activated and enforcement is supposed to begin when the traffic light turns red. These systems are not supposed to take a photograph during the time the traffic light is yellow or green. So, if a driver is facing a red light and enters the intersection the camera will activate and take a picture.  What is the proper length of a yellow light at traffic camera intersections? 

The “late-time” or “red time” is the length of time the traffic signal was red before the vehicle entered the intersection. There are usually two red times. Once being how long the light was red before the vehicle entered the intersection, and the other being the length of time that elapsed between the time the first picture was taken (when the vehicle first entered the intersection) and the time the second picture was taken where the vehicle was actually traveling through the intersection. It’s a good idea to check the red time on your ticket because courts tend to more lenient on drivers with very short late times (for example one-tenth of a second or two-tenths of a second).  

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