Escort Speed Trap Website? Now What? 

Escort has introduced its website for speed-trap and red-light camera location sharing. The web site gives registered users the ability to receive early-warning notification of approaching speed traps, speed cameras, red-light cameras, and other high-target traffic citation areas.  The site is free to use I think if you have a "Defender Account".  Are they trying to go against Congressional requests to remove DUI checkpoint apps from the App store?  Mobile speed traps are the same thing.

I am still amazed these radar detector camera companies like Cobra and Escort are still in business.  Why doesn't Escort or Cobra publish their data sources, unlike who crowdsources?  Do they copy data from us?  Why don't they publish the number of locations in their database?  Makes you a little suspicious, doesn't it?  Are these companies afraid of publishing their data for fear that they might be caught stealing data?  We have reached out to these companies several times but they will not return phone calls or emails.  So our quest for non-legal transparency and honesty continues. was started 5 years before any other company in 2000 with the vision of creating a public open free database.  We had the vision to make the website advertising-supported from day one because we knew that data would soon become a commodity and we wanted users to contribute to it.  Five years after the radar detector business started to "dry up" due to navigation applications running on smartphones and GPS navigation devices started taking off.  Companies like Cobra and Escort became desperate for a new business model and decided to copy Europe's business model of selling subscriptions to a database they claim is proprietary or selling expensive devices giving away the database.  One huge difference is that Europe has 10X more speed cameras than the US.   How is that data subscription business going competitors when our database is free and we have thousands of monthly contributors?