Which Cities Are Losing Money on Cameras?

Red light cameras at four Pembroke Pines, Florida intersections have led to more than 1,500 tickets issued to drivers in the past six months which has generated $76,294 in revenue but the city's legal fees for enforcing the citations in Broward court have led the controversial program to lose cost more money than it generates.  This has forced city commissioners to defend the program as a lifesaver and not a revenue generator that cost the city $13,000.  The total cost of the program since July has been $83,347 with $50,158 going to American Traffic Solutions (ATS), the Arizona-based company contracted to install the cameras in Pembroke Pines; and the remainder going for legal fees. 

We would appreciate your thoughts and comments below of other cities that are losing revenue on the cameras. What action is taken by the camera operators ATS and Redflex in cases like this?  Do these companies lower their fees to accommodate to the citations as a cost neutral or revenue generating entity?   Are they secreting paying off city officials or entertaining them?  These are the cities where you are likely to find the most corruption.