More Judges Throwing Out Red Light Camera Cases

Will More Cities Follow Victorville’s Lead and Start Dismissing Cases? At least three red light camera tickets issued in the city of Victorville have been thrown out by judges in San Bernardino Superior Court.

The city of Victorville has contracted with Redflex, an Arizona based, red light camera manufacturer, but as a result of court decisions proclaiming photographic evidence generated from the Redflex camera system as inadmissible evidence, the city is trying to get out of the contract. There are only 10 cameras left turned on in Victorville (out of the original 16) however if court decisions keep going the way they are going, Redflex may have to let Victorville out of its contract and Victorville could turn off the remaining 10 cameras making many citizens happy. In fact, according to the, Victorville’s contract with Redflex allows Victorville to get out of the contract if “any court having jurisdiction over city rules...that results from the Redflex System of photo enforcement are inadmissible in evidence”.

A common factor in a lot of these Redflex camera ticket cases that have been dismissed is that no one from the Arizona based Redflex company attends the trials, the company instead sends a written statement as to how its systems work, and an officer from the issuing city testifies on his training about how the system works and the photographic evidence presented. Many judges are refusing to consider this a proper way to authenticate the evidence (photos and videos). There is at least one published court case that discusses this same issue, People v. Khaled.

This leaves us to beg the question, will more and more judges follow the same lead these San Bernardino Superior court judges have taken, and will more and more cities take Victorville’s lead in ending the use of these controversial camera enforcement systems?

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