Red Light Camera Ticket Defense - "How to Find The Devil in the Details"

What You Should Know About Red Light Camera Tickets

Next time you get a red light ticket remember this. Red light camera tickets are very different from say a red light ticket handed to you by an officer. With a red light camera ticket, there is no “your word against the officer”. With a red light ticket issued by an officer you have to try and convince the court that the officer did not have a clear line of sight to your car, to the limit line for the red light, or the red light itself, at the time you went through the light. Red light camera tickets on the other hand are best dismissed if attacked from a technical-based standpoint; after all, it is a machine that ticketed you not an officer. And there are certain rules and requirements that are necessary to be present (or need to have been followed) in order for the red light camera ticket to be successfully held up in court against you.

For example, there are rules regarding the length of yellow lights at camera enforced intersections, rules regarding how or when the actual notice of a red light camera violation is mailed out to the suspect violator, rules regarding what type of warning must be given about the presence or installation of a red light camera at an intersection, and rules regarding the types of fee arrangements cities having red light camera enforced intersections within their limits may have with private companies that manufacture and maintain the red light cameras. There is a lot of information out there available on the internet, so read about how these red light camera tickets work and learn what the rules are relating to them so that you can maximize your chances of getting out of a ticket like this. 

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