Wrong Violation Code on Red Light Camera Ticket

The first step to fighting any traffic infraction is to look up the vehicle code section you were cited with. The second step is to pick apart that vehicle code section in order to find out what the elements of the infraction are. If any of the elements necessary to be present in order to find someone guilty of the infraction are missing in your situation then you’re well on your way to getting your ticket dismissed.

Now a red light camera ticket will have the violation code listed as California Vehicle Code (CVC) section 21453. You can go online to legalinfo.ca.gov to look it up. However, there is more involved in fighting a red light camera ticket.

You not only need to look up that code section which you were actually cited for, but you also need to look up a few additional code sections, like what vehicle code section authorizes red light camera enforcement. Once you know what sections actually lay out the rules or requirements for the operation of red light cameras, you can write down those and then check to see if any of the rules were violated or requirements not followed in your case. Check out CVC§21453, CVC§ 21455.5, CVC§21455.6, CVC§ 21455.7, CVC§40518, if any rules listed in these code sections were violated, or requirements not followed, then you have ammunition in court for getting the ticket dismissed.

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