Photoshopped Red Light Camera Ticket?

The issue of image tampering has been brought to our attention by an anonymous source and we would like to raise awareness for others to help us investigate.  Do you suspect that your red light camera ticket has been photoshopped or the image has been edited?  Many people have used this defensive successfully and it raises bigger questions of the photo process handling.  How do you know your digital image has not been edited?  It turns out that all images are first processed by a third party like RedFlex and TCS before the police officer even has a chance to review the violation.  How do we know that these images have not been edited?  Have the photos been certified by an outside independent agency?  We will be investigating this issue further in the coming months so stay tuned.  If anyone has direct feedback or proof of this happening around the US we would like to know.  Please post your comments and feedback below.