It Is Illegal To Drive With Both Headphones In Your Ear

Have you noticed police officers getting aggressive about looking in your car to see if you are texting or holding your phone?  The fines range from $150-$250 in California and are similar in other States.  Despite the fact that most smartphones have two headphones you should use caution when you use both ear buds.  Be careful if you are driving with headphones in your ear because it is illegal in most states to drive with both headphones in your ear.  We recommend that all drivers only wear one headphone or ear bud while driving and think its best that you wear it in your left ear.  Why?  Because it a police officer catches you with both headphones in your ear its a $250 fine.  Putting the headphone in your left ear reduces the suspicion a police officer might have if the see a cord hanging from your ear.   Wearing both headphones is a safety issue and the rational is that you need to be able to hear emergency vehicles around you.