How Instagram Algorithms Work

In 2022, everyone is well aware that social networks work with the help of algorithms. But how does it happen? Today we will understand this using the example of Instagram.

This network regularly publishes official information about the work of ranking algorithms in the social network. It is useful for both beginner bloggers and millionaires. For business pages, this is a chance to beat the competition and spend less on ad campaigns.  All types of companies need to be focused on Instagram, from eCommerce stores to debt collector companies.

How Algorithms Work

Novice bloggers usually do not know how the automatic social network system works and therefore they either do what they want without restrictions or vice versa, they are afraid of everything. For example, there are many cases when creators were afraid to buy Instagram likes, thinking that their account would be blocked for this. Misunderstanding of the algorithms leads to self-prohibition of the use of effective methods of promotion.

Content ranking depends on specific signals. Let's list the main ones.

   Data about the post (when it was published, how many users liked it, what is the context, is there a geolocation);

   Data about the author of the post (for example, how often the audience interacted with him);

   The activity of the user who is shown the post (what they view and like);

  User interaction with the author's profile (whether there is direct communication, whether there are likes).

Algorithms are configured so that fresh posts are a priority. It is new content that has more weight and is better ranked. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor the updating of posts and think over informational reasons.

If you use any service to buy likes on Instagram to increase statistics, then your post will more often get recommended to different users and this will increase coverage.

The goal of algorithms is to show relevant content to the audience. The user should see posts on topics of interest to him and similar ones. For example, sports fans are shown highlights from competitions, but also celebrity-themed memes, diversifying the feed.

Three other factors also play a role:

Application usage frequency. If followers open the feed an average of 12 times a day, then the probability that the post will be from the very beginning is with these people. People who rarely access the app are viewing the content that the algorithm itself has chosen based on early preferences. That is, if the publication does not meet the interests of the user, it will be almost at the end.

Number of subscriptions. It is logical that if a user has many subscriptions, he will miss more posts than someone who has fewer.

Feed usage time. The longer a person views the content, the more thematic and useful publications he will see.


Shadowban is another topic of debate among marketers, bloggers and SMM specialists. Instagram keeps saying it doesn't exist. But at the same time, many users complain that the post is gaining less coverage and reactions than another similar one.

The explanations of the official representatives of Instagram look quite logical:

   if a user breaks the rules, his publications do not get into the followers feed;

   if false content is posted, reach will be low;

   if the indicators are violated, the content does not receive a place in the recommendations.

Therefore, if you do not monitor the preferences and behavior of the target audience, you can completely disappear from the radar of followers.