Parking Ticket for Street Sweeping

The California Legislature Intends to Allow Street-Sweeper Automated Enforcement Systems: Assembly Bill 2567-blog submitted by, helping drivers contest and dismiss their traffic tickets. The intent of this bill introduced by Assembly Member Bradford this year is to allow a parking citation for a street-sweeping violation to be issued, much like a red light camera ticket. The ticket would be mailed to the registered owner of any vehicle parked during designated hours of operation for a street-sweeping parking lane, supposedly unless the vehicle is parked after the street is cleaned (even if this is during the restricted hours).

Just like the law for red light camera tickets, there would be a required public announcement of the automated parking enforcement system, a required 30-day grace period where only warning notices are mailed, only a designated and qualified employee could review the photos and the photo evidence would be confidential and available only to public agencies to enforce parking violations, and the ticket would have to be mailed to the registered owner within 15 days of the violation date. Just like with red light camera tickets, the registered owner would be given the opportunity to fill out and send back an affidavit of non-liability.  The City of Boulder, Colorado already uses the parking ticket photo enforcement system.

The legislature’s reasoning is that street-sweepers collect excess pollutants from roads and streets like trash and chemicals which provides environmental and sanitation benefits that protect the environment and contribute to the general health of the people. According to an analysis by the District of Columbia Department of Public Works, a street-sweeper in a one-mile range can remove approximately 10 pounds of oil and grease, pounds of nitrogen and phosphorus, and heavy metals. And the County of Los Angeles Department of Public Works submitted a technical report in 2004 pushing for stricter enforcement of "no parking" regulations and street-sweeping to help prevent harmful pollutants from entering stormwater drains.

Street-sweepers play an important role in society but is the legislature going too far in allowing for the installation of camera enforcement systems on street-sweepers? It seems there’s no end to what automated enforcement can be used for.- blog submitted by, helping drivers contest and dismiss their traffic tickets.

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