Parking Ticket Photo Enforcement

Drivers be warned: In the perpetual cat-and-mouse war between parking enforcement and motorists trying to park without getting a ticket in this city, the cat just got a powerful new weapon. The city of Newton, a suburb of Boston, is installing video cameras that can detect when a car has been parked in a metered spot too long. According to a story in The Boston Globe, the devices alert parking enforcement officers if a ticket needs to be written.

Automatic license plate recognition — a kind of RoboCop of the parking world that uses a panoramic video camera, laptop computer, and sophisticated software — detects cars that have been parked too long and sounds an alert to write a ticket.

The city bought three systems for $50,000 and plans to install them in parking enforcement vehicles this month. Officials believe the technology could double the number of parking tickets the city writes each year and sharply increase the $1.8 million in annual parking fees it collects.  Read more.

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