Help Us Find Short Yellow Lights Under 3.5 Seconds

short yellow traffic light
Are there laws making yellow lights standard?

Do you feel like you drove through a light with an extra short yellow? Did you know there are laws and DOT recommendations that require yellow lights to be at least 3.5 seconds? Six cities have already been caught shortening yellow lights by .3 to 1 seconds. 6 cities have been caught: 1) Dallas, Texas 2) Chattanooga, Tennessee 3) Springfield, Missouri 4) Lubbock, Texas 5) Nashville, Tennessee 6) Union City, California.

I would suspect there are many other cities in violation including a city near me Culver City. I would love to get some user input if they think their city has a short yellow light. Time the light the next time you are waiting at a stoplight and post it here under comments. Thanks in advance for your help!

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