Do all traffic lights in UAE have cameras?

The next time you are looking to go on a desert safari vacation in the UAE, Abu Dhabi or Dubai be prepared by knowing what photo enforced speed and red light cameras to lookout for.  Here are red light camera maps of Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Thousands of photo enforced radar cameras are deployed across the UAE either installed at traffic signals or on the streets to detect speeding and red light runners. The ones at traffic signals can detect if you're jumping a red light, taking a wrong turn, an illegal U-turn, overspeeding, or if you're violating the yellow box. The other radars are used to spot speeding cars. While the radars on highways can capture only photos, those at signals can capture videos.

Cameras to enforce speed and noise

This radar was launched by Abu Dhabi Police in 2016 and can measure the level of noise coming from a car to discourage those who accelerate ostentatiously. It also identifies the drivers who modify their cars in a way that causes disturbance to other residents.The new technology aims to reduce noise pollution in the capital and is primarily installed in residential areas near hospitals, mosques, and schools.

Cameras to enforce red light violations

Cameras to enforce speeding violations

These speeding cameras will flash if you exceed the maximum speed limit. The UAE has a 20km/hr buffer over speed limits before the radar flashes.