Tickets for Overweight & Overheight Trucks

American Traffic Solutions' (ATS') newest photo enforcement technology is designed to help cities solve the problems associated with overweight and "overheight" trucks.

Trucks that violate cities' height and weight restrictions cause municipalities millions of dollars in damage and repair costs to local streets. These same vehicles generate myriad complaints from neighbors about unwanted and irritating truck traffic noise. The New York City Department of Transportation just completed a pilot program testing ATS' new technology that uses photo enforcement to detect and potentially cite trucks that violate height and weight rules.

ATS' Axsis(TM) WIM-300 (Weight-in-Motion) system uses a combination of quartz weight-sensitive sensors embedded in the road and a roadside system that automatically monitors and isolates heavy vehicles. The sensors "read" the weight of a vehicle and can detect an overweight vehicle. Similarly, the Axsis(TM) Overheight photo enforcement system uses a laser to measure the vehicle's height and detect violations. Images and video clips of the offending vehicles are captured similar to red-light and speed camera images. Images and data are transmitted to an ATS Data Center for enforcement. The photographic evidence is reviewed by the local police agency before citations are mailed to violators.