Arizona Red Light & Speed Cameras

You may have heard in the news and in the blogosphere that Arizona was going to give their red light cameras and speed cameras the boot - putting a referendum on an upcoming election to end their photo enforcement program. There is a contingency of loud people lobbying and trying to build interest in the removal of speed and red-light cameras in Arizona. Often they resort to graffiti and destructive means to get their points across. 

Greed cameras sign
However, A recent poll puts the camera issue dead last in the list of issues that Arizona citizens want to be tackled by their government. A survey of 800 Arizonans on what issues lawmakers and Gov. Jan Brewer should tackle ranked job creation and improved public education as the top two issues, with 62 percent and 32 percent, respectively. Less than 1% of the people want it addressed right now. So, it looks like these cameras are here to stay for a while. If you looking for a GPS detector to warn you when you're near them, check out our guide. If you want something that's really easy to use and the "least expensive", buy the GPS Angel. It's only $99 - less than the cost of one speeding ticket.