Red Light and Speed Camera Companies

Is the U.S. Photo Enforced industry doing a $150M per year in revenue? Some estimate the total available market could be 35,000 intersections in the near future which would make it about a $1B industry in the U.S. Below is a list of companies that are operating Red Light Cameras and Speed Cameras in the U.S. This list will continually be updated as we piece together ESTIMATES of information about active U.S. locations, revenue per location and company. We have 5000+ unique locations listed in our database that we estimate an average of $30,000 in revenue per location. Please email updates and tips on this information to [email protected]

1) RedFlex - (Public, ASX:RDF) - 2000 - $70M/year
2) Affiliated Computer Services -1000 - $30M/year
3) American Traffic Solutions - 1000 - $30M/year
4) Nestor -(Public, OTC:NEST) - 400 -$13M/year
5) RedSpeed - 250 - $7M/Year
6) Laser Craft - 250 - $7M Year
7) TraffiPax - 100 - $3M/Year
?) Transcore - ?
?) Gatso -?

Here is a chart provided by RedFlex in its shareholder presentation.