Where Are The School Zone Speed Cameras in Chesapeake, Virginia?

School Zone Speed Cameras in Chesapeake, Virginia

In a two-week period, speed cameras in Chesapeake school zones caught over 1,400 cars speeding.

During the last two weeks of May, more than 1,400 cars were caught speeding in Chesapeake school zones, and the police department's new speed cameras have the footage to prove it.

Between May 18 and May 31, the Chesapeake Police Department issued over $140,000 in fines after two of the department's ten school zone speed cameras went live. Speeding motorists were caught on camera at Greenbrier Christian Academy and Chittum Elementary School in school zones.

The Speed Camera Program began in April with the installation of two cameras. Speed cameras, like red light cameras, photograph vehicles moving faster than the posted 25 mph through a school zone.

"No one wants to get cited." "Getting the mail and realizing that you have a citation in that mail is not a good experience," Officer Marc Lawrence said, adding that he hopes the fines will dissuade drivers from speeding.

The $140,000 will be used to cover the $370,000 cost of the cameras and installation.

Drivers who have been issued a citation can evaluate the evidence on the internet.

“We know that this is new technology that we are utilizing. We know that there will be questions and frustration. We know that there may be issues. We will work with citizens to resolve any issues they may have,” Lawrence said.

Lawrence said the police department is using the cameras to protect the safety of students, teachers and crossing guards.

“In this day and age, we have so many things that could distract us from safely driving. This is a stark reminder that we need to focus on driving safely through school zones,” Lawrence said.

All 10 cameras have been installed, but the other eight are still inactive as the department tests them.

The cameras have been placed near Great Bridge Middle School; Southeastern Elementary; Rena B. Wright Primary; Sparrow Intermediate; Deep Creek Elementary, Middle and High schools; Hugo Owens Middle and Deep Creek Central schools; the 3000 block of Tyre Neck at Western Branch Intermediate, Primary, Middle and High schools; Southwestern Elementary; Greenbrier Middle School; and Greenbrier Christian Academy.

Lawrence defined “success” for the Speed Camera Program as all motorists staying within the 25 mph speed limit through school zones.

“But we can only achieve this goal with the assistance of the citizens and drivers,” Lawrence said.